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  • Mood: Hopeless
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It's been a while since I'm away from my DVD player.

I want to watch something without using internet, so that my sis probably be able to use it. Sadly, I dunno what anime/movie/anything that good enough for me to watch.

1. No sexual-like things. Gore and strong languages are fine. I still live in the same house with my family and my sis. I don't want them to misunderstand me.
2. Make sure it has a good storyline, not rushed-to-finished ones.
3. Somewhere or anything from Disney. None of them are original from Disney. I only accept Frozen, but I don't a fan of it, period.
4. Drawn with hands. I'd prefer drawn-with-computer ones, not the ones that use camera and real-life drama things.
5. Horrors Seriously, are you gonna giving me nightmares?

If you could comment, I'll be grateful.


Sai Aura, the Siren, the artist
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Chosen nickname: Sai Aura
Birth: 21st April
Sex: Girl
Religion: Christian
Currently lived in: Bandung, Indonesia
Chosen tarot arcana: The Lovers
Chosen quote: Why mah sis always copy me?
Operating: Any computer and laptop I can use
Mouse or tablet: Mouse (and later, tablet)

My sister's accounts: :iconazurespacehussie:, :iconpersonarescuerescape: and :iconforbiddenzodiac:
My cousin's account is :icon4lthalos:

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